Our passion is to provide excellent instruments and to help build a musical community that is healthy and strong, bringing richness and color to people living here.

As your luthiers we communicate with you every step of the way to ensure we meet your individual needs.

We offer free repair estimates.

Whether you need a major repair or a checkup and cleaning, we can take care of your instruments. We offer excellent repairs and adjustments by our team of professional luthiers.

We also offer great rentals, rehairs, appraisals, take-home instrument tryouts, consignment, financing, a variety of products, and a wide selection of instruments new and old, including high-quality instruments handmade at our shop. See below for more details, and please contact us if you would like additional information on any of our services.

Bow Rehair & Repair

Please see our bow rehair & repair page for more information.

Instrument Repair & Restoration

We have in-house repair and restoration available. This includes open seams, cracks, bridge and soundpost adjustments and replacements, regluing and planing fingerboards, new pegs, and more!  Free estimates are available. Call or stop by with your instrument for more information

Consignment Sales

We offer the opportunity for local musicians to sell their own instruments at our shop on consignment with no time commitment. We are the largest violin shop in the state of Kentucky. Our customer base encompasses all surrounding states, with both a downtown Lexington location and a Louisville location offering excellent foot traffic.


Written appraisals on instruments and bows are available.  The process will require that you leave the instrument with us for a few days for research purposes.  If you simply want an idea of your instrument or bow’s value and do not need it in writing, that is complimentary and can be done in just a few minutes while you wait. 


Players may take instruments or bows out on approval, for up to one week.  No cash deposit is required, just completion of our loan contract, with contact information and a debit/credit card number. 


We offer interest-free financing on instrument purchases. Please contact for more details.